• assessing the status of metropolitan cities in sustainable development indicators

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    assessing the status of metropolitan cities in sustainable development indicators

    the theory of sustainable development and sustainable urban and regional development requires a change in the political, social, physical and economic infrastructure that must be managed and planned for urban and regional development based on the principles of sustainable development. the term sustainable development was used in the early 1970s. three important areas that emphasize sustainable development are environmental issues which providing solutions to environmental, social and economic development models that can prevent issues such as destruction of natural resources, destruction of biological systems, global pollution, climate change, and excessive population growth. sustainable development as a process that needs improvement is the basis of the situation and the elimination of social and cultural deficiencies in advanced societies and should be the driving engine for the progressive, balanced, appropriate, and coordinated economic, social and cultural development of all societies, especially developing countries. sustainable development, a development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. in this research, the status of metropolises of iran in economic, social and environmental indicators was evaluated and compared.

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